From the horse’s mouth.. – Testimonials.

“Ellen Cochrane is the most patient and lovely person I have met. She is helping me with very difficult 17hh warmblood . He started rearing and biting when led and bossing me around. Ellen show me the correct way that made me feel safe, confident around him and very happy. She is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Open minded and seen things which I haven’t seen what have caused all the problems. I will still asking her for help for simple reason.. I can trust her.” Agnes Andryka.

Agnes and Magnat

“Ellen is one of the most patient and clear instructors I have ever had. She gives you little things to work on and does not overwhelm you with inexplicable jargon. She is great.” Miriam Muller. 2014.

Miriam and Scooby

“Ellen is a fabulous instructor and a very talented horsemanship coach. Any horse or pony that Ellen gets to work with is very lucky. Ellen is kind, considerate, caring, and empathic in her work and an all round lovely person! Just wished she lived closer.” Gaynor Murfitt.

Ellen Cochrane with Timmy

“I contacted Ellen to help me with my 5 year old gelding. Having only owned him for a few months he was being quite ‘bolshy’ and at times very difficult to handle on the ground. Always wanting to be the leader, he would often push past me and drag me along on the end of the lead rope!

During my session with Ellen I learnt how use clear body language to convey my intentions to Harvey and saw an immediate improvement in his behaviour. We worked on some trust exercises and by the end of the session I was able to back him up through poles – a huge achievement for us!

We have continued to use the techniques and have seen constant progress. Harvey will now follow me around without a lead rope and will not barge past or try to ‘rush’ me out of the way, although he still likes to try and scratch his big head on my arm!

Most importantly I feel closer to my horse and he has a deeper trust in me. I cannot wait for further sessions knowing we are well on the way to a very special bond.” Rachel Howard-Louvaine. 2015.

“I sent my gelding ‘Prince’ away to Ellen for 6 weeks to backed and schooled, and start his ridden career. After hearing so much good feedback and positivity from other people who have used Ellen I went and had a look round and she was very welcoming and showed me everything there is to see on the yard, his security and other horses on the yard, her own horses and also other horses she had in for schooling. Prince went to Ellen the beginning of June and Ellen came me updated everyday with his progress and how he was getting on, I visited regularly and Ellen helped me to gain my knowledge of Prince’s way of riding, and helped me and Prince bond a riding relationship together. Ellen focused on both ridden and ground work which really helped form the bond. Prince was barefoot and treeless when he went to Ellen and the way Ellen works with horses is phenomenal! She is quiet and understanding and would never smack or be aggressive towards a horse. After the 6 weeks Prince was with Ellen he came home, and Ellen came out to us at home and gave us private lessons to carry on his education and to see how he was getting on. Two years later Ellen is still coming to see him and keeps in contact to see how prince is getting on and his progress. The way Ellen works with horses is inspirational and an absolute star! Im so glad I sent prince to Ellen rather than anybody else, my big boy was a transformed horse when he came back and it was all thanks to Ellen and I cannot thank her enough! I would highly recommend Ellen to anybody weather its a lesson or schooling or breaking. No problem weather big or small is a problem for Ellen! Thank you so much Ellen!” Reanne Carter.

Ellen Cochrane and Prince.

“I’ve followed Ellen’s work with horses for several years now, and have wanted so much to shout from the roof tops to let people know about her!! Ellen is very special and has worked some genuine magic with many horses, some who would otherwise have been written off as dangerous, when all they needed was someone who could read them properly. Ellen is also a very gifted rider…and rides effortlessly without saddle or bridle even over jumps! I hope this website gets recommended far and wide, as I know there are many horses calling out for Ellen’s special touch….and Ellen, it is so clear you and Gaia were destined to be together…what a journey you’ve been on with her, and such a bond between you. You’re her angel, and she’s been your spiritual guide and teacher!” Brimble Wharton.

From the horse’s mouth.. – Testimonials.

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